Monday, July 7, 2008

Beauty is found in Switzerland

I usually don’t blog on travel days, at least not yet, but I have to talk a bit about where we arrived today. It took us almost all day to travel from Paris to Crans-Montana, Switzerland and it was worth every bit of the drive. We saw a few mountains and the kids got really excited, but once we hit the Alps you would have thought they just won the lottery. They, myself included, were so excited to seem them and they were unbelievable. I think everyone really liked London and Paris but were absolutely blown away by the sights of Switzerland, it was about two hours of oohs and aahs from the entire but.

On our way to our town we drove through Montreaux and saw Lake Geneva, which again it completely breathtaking. The hillsides are also covered with vineyards so the patterns those create are very unique.

Montreaux, some vineyards and Lake Geneva

We were greeted in Crans-Montana by three Swiss ladies in full costume and our city coordinators. Crans-Montana is based around skiing and golf so it is pretty much a year-round resort town. We checked into our hotel and the view from my room is awesome, complete with a balcony. I actually got my own room this time so it couldn’t be better. We finished the night with a walk around town to get our bearings and I settled in for a good nights sleep with my door open to bring in the cool mountain air.

The beautiful view from my hotel room

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