Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Adventure has begun

We are finished with day one, it's pretty amazing how much you can fit into one day. We didn't have too much trouble with the flight today. Ryan and I didn't get to sit together which was a bummer, we were one row apart so we talked through the seats a lot. I had a seat open next to me, but the lady on the aisle wouldn't stop sleeping so there was never a good time for him to move. It was OK though, I just listened to Car Talk podcasts on my iPod and did the crosswords in the newspaper. The flight was pretty rough coming down, but good for the rest of the time.

We rented our car ('07 Mustang Convertible) and spent quite a while getting all of our stuff in the trunk. It was pretty packed, if we would've brought one more thing, I don't think it would've fit! We also stopped by the grocery store and had a quick lunch. After lunch we set up my Sirius radio (only to find out that we get it through our regular radio) and sunscreened up for our drive.

The drive was pretty good, I spent a lot of the time taking pictures out the window and looking for funny billboards (there were a lot!) and trying to get faster at taking cool shots that didn't include me in the side mirror. We rode with the top down until we were beyond cold, I would bet it was around 60deg.

We did have a cool encounter with nature, Ryan happened to spot a Moose at 70mph! We pulled over and spotted 3 total, and talked to a nice older couple who were looking to spot the International Space Station in the sky. It was pretty cool to see the Moose, Ryan's Mom's friend guarantees that we'll see a Bear in Yellowstone, so that should be cool!

One exciting moment, we were driving and all of a sudden the car stopped working all together. Luckily we were near a gas station and could pull off the road. After a couple of panicked moments, we figured out that Ryan had somehow managed to shut off the car while driving down the road at high speeds!! It was definitely a funny moment, we were grateful that our first day didn't end with a tow truck ride!!...not to mention that we are pretty sure the car is brand new (only had 300mi when we got it)!

We finally arrived in West Yellowstone, Montana a couple of hours ago and after many fits and tantrums got the internet and digital cameras figured out. Hopefully we got those kinks worked out so it doesn't take us two hours to post every night!!

We have an early day tomorrow so it's off to bed for me. I've already added two new states to my list...a pretty good day overall if you ask me.

**FYI** my (ALPF) blog posts will always be in Courier New and Ryan will be in a different font so that you can tell who you're hearing from

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Teresa said...

How do you turn a car off at 80mph? I guess it's better than putting in reverse at that speed!!! It all sounds fun so far. We'll keep reading. Love, Mom