Sunday, June 24, 2007

"This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!"

I never thought I'd be one to do one of these, but I suppose if you are reading this you might have a fleeting interest, so here goes. Before I get into the trip stuff, I have set up Google Maps of all nine days (nine!) of our trip. I'll link each day the night before. If you've read this far, you probably will be interested. It's pretty cool.

Day 1:

Google Maps

We actually stayed pretty close to my estimates. After leaving BOI, we picked up a couple groceries and left at 4:45. We made it to Rigby, ID on a tank of gas (291.8 MI). I managed to not get sunburned, which is nice.

The flight was pretty much my own personal hell for 3hrs 44min. I was not only in the middle seat. I was literally surrounded by children. Surrounded. Row in front, next to me, across the aisle. There were at least 15 small children on a flight of about 120. Too high of a ratio if you ask me. I had a fleeting thought of the tail ripping off Lost-style and the thought of becoming stranded on an island with Ana Lucia was more appealing than the constant noises and fidgeting from my seat partner. That's how bad it was.

You know, I made fun of this when we passed it but, who doesn't like pancakes? No one. Who doesn't like steak? No one. Why not have both.

The drive went by pretty fast (cruse set at 80, love the 75MPH limit). Hopefully they all go that fast. We listened to Howard Stern the whole time, but if you keep reading throughout the week, stay tuned for some hardcore, scenery specific geek-out music selections from myself.

Highlight of the Day: Seeing the Moose at dusk as we got (get) close to Yellowstone. It was a nice intro to what is to come.

I wanted to write more but, and this might come as a shock to all, I can get a little cranky. Just a little. if I don't get enough sleep. So for the good of the relationship, I will sign off. Here is tomorrow's Google Map itinerary.
Day 2:

West Yellowstone, MT to Gillette, WY

Bear with the blog, I didn't get as much setup/maintenancey stuff done because the interweb wouldn't work for a while. Much, much more to come.


Anonymous said...

Ryan, you have found your calling -you are going to be a professional blogster! I'm impressed!

Keep puttin' on the sunscreen and keep a respectful distance between yourselves and all of mooses and bears! Have fun!


Michael said...

I sympathize with you about the children in the plane agony. You'd think the parents of the children would put a stop to the noise out of respect for the rest of the passengers... but NO they just sit there enjoying the flight! It's like the parents of the children have put up with the noise for so long that they tune it out... or worse yet, they don't find it disturbing because it's a simplified version of their own annoying voices...