Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The trip is saved!!

Some neat weather we encountered today.

The day started off a little rocky, we were hopeful that the hotel in Wall, SD would have the computer charger and we could go pick that up and be done with it. Of course, this wasn't the case...they could not find the charger so we were out of luck. As you might have guessed, we found a temporary fix for our problem and the much anticipated blog will continue. We found a super cool guy at RadioShack and he helped us find a universal power cord. We are positive that the cord is in that hotel so we're hoping to hear from them....if not I'll order another one from Dell and return the one from RadioShack.

Anyway, onto the fun parts....we drove by Mt. Rushmore again on our way to Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse was....(for lack of a better word)....Crazy!! Mrrh, I know. We watched the video on how the project started and about the sculptor. He was a pretty funny guy, he died in the early 80's but his wife and kids are carrying on the project. The monument is absolutely huge, like twice the size of Mt. Rushmore. It was really cool to see them working on it too, I was hoping to see some dynamite go off, but it didn't happen. I really hope they get it done in my lifetime so I can see the finished will be pretty amazing!!

We also drove to two caves (Cave of the Winds and Jewel Cave). Our parks pass didn't get us in for free at the Wind Cave and the Jewel Cave times were too far away so we didn't go into either of them. We did see the museum stuff that went with them so that was pretty neat.

The day ended with a five and a half hour drive back to Cody, WY in preparation for our Bear expedition tomorrow at Yellowstone. We're leaving insanely early to see them (like 6:30am) so I really hope we see one!! We're also going to the Grand Tetons, which I hear are way more beautiful than Yellowstone.

FYI, that cool pic Ryan posted yesterday of Mt. Rushmore through a rock was totally supposed to be my post but he did it while I was sleeping...*sneaky*...I was really miffed that he stole it, but I guess I stole his potato festival pic a few days ago....I guess we're even now, unless I want to be evil and post a North by Northwest pic we took today....nah, I'll just call it even so you can look forward to it in his post. Let me also tell you, this is the second time he's asked to have his picture taken this trip!! Here are my pics from the day:

Another neat pic of Mt. Rushmore

Crazy Horse

What Crazy Horse will look like when it's finished.

Some memorabilia from the Crazy Horse Fife and Drum Corps

*** BTW...thanks Mom for looking up all that stuff for us on the internet!! :) ***


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Alie! Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time. It's fun to read about your trip and see all of the sights/animals. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!


Jessica said...

Glad you guys are having so much fun!! And I totally understand the whole wanting to see a bear thing. Last year when I went to the Great Smokies that was a huge goal and we only saw one. Make sure you look up in trees. Black bears like to hang out in them. Good luck and I'm sending bear wishes your way!!