Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clark: "Despite all the little problems it's fun isn't it?" Ellen: No. But with every new day there's fresh hope."

We totally did.

This guy was less than 10 feet from the car, he even turned and looked at us. Seemingly knowing we thought he was cool and he was soaking it up.

Well the great charger crisis is semi-solved. Alie wrote more about it, but I have to add that I have a new appreciation for Radio Shack... I just finished figuring out our mileage from today and we drove A. Lot. I have to admit, it did drag the final hour or two. Not bad, just impatient to get to the hotel.

Just one more North By Northwest item. I forgot to mention yesterday that I was disappointed that the visitor's center at Rushmore was all new. I couldn't see the one in the movie. The new one was cool though...

We went to the Crazy Horse memorial, Wind Cave NP and Jewel Cave NM today after Chargergate was fixed. I had been to Crazy Horse before, it was interesting to see the progress since the last time I was out here.

I thought I'd put all of our mileage per day for those of you scoring at home (because of the forced baseball reference I have to mention the Cubs. They haven't lost since we left. I think its obvious to assume it is because I am gone. This mention of the winning streak is in hopes that they at lose a game before I come home or I might just have to stay here indefinitely through October...). I also relinked the Google Maps for each day.

Day 1: 373.9mi
Day 2: 454.4mi
Day 3: 458.8mi
Day 4: 203.1mi
Day 5: 515.7mi

Total: 2005.9mi

We only have one more big day of driving (tomorrow) and then the wedding commutes and the drive back to Boise. I'm excited for the rest of Yellowstone (i.e. Old Faithful and a couple of other areas. Ahem bears. Just saying. We'll be in the park around 8, so be there.) and even more excited for Grand Teton NP. I'm gonna try to fit in the last of the geeky music selections tomorrow too.

Day 6: Cody, WY to Sun Valley, ID

I am assuming we have world wide interweb access in Sun Valley. So, if there aren't posts until Sunday. That will be the reason... Keep checking back though and tell your friends.

Sorry, I just had to. I think they (prairie dogs) are super cute, but this was just too funny looking. (No, I did not hit it... Please.)

Highlight of the Day: Is there any question? I am typing now because of Steve at the Rapid City, SD Radio Shack. Not that the natural wonders and beautiful scenery weren't great, but I start getting the shakes if I don't have internet. (Still mad because of losing the cable, however it happened...)

2 comments: said...

Too bad for Mr. Prairie dog.... He gave the ultimate sacrifice so that tourists like you can gloat with pride.

I think buffalo are studs!


Jill said...

We could use a prairie dog in our skins collection, but I think he was a bit ripe.