Friday, June 29, 2007

Finally arrived in Idaho

Grand Tetons

Man was today a long and exhausting day...I don't know why exactly but we were going from the minute we woke up today. We left the hotel around 6:45am in hopes of seeing some bears. As I'm sure Ryan will tell you, we didn't see any bears :( We rode with the top down and absolutely froze on the way up to the park, we finally had to put it up b/c I was so cold.

We did our second day of Yellowstone which was pretty neat. While looking for bears we did find two bison that were fighting with each other. That was pretty neat to watch, although we didn't get a real good picture of it. I've been asked a couple of times what my favorite part was and I'd have to say Yellowstone just b/c of all the animals we got to see up close. We saw some elk up close and they kept coming closer so Ryan and I decided that it was close enough and we got back in the never know with these wild animals!!

We drove south after Yellowstone to the Grand Tetons. It was beautiful, but didn't have the animal appeal that Yellowstone did. There was a lake though, which was absolutely gorgeous.

Ryan and I stopped for a quick dinner in Jackson Hole, WY (I've always wanted to ski there) and then it was off to Sun Valley, ID for the wedding events to begin. After a super long drive, we finally arrived and had some drinks with Ryan's friends. I decided to crash early since we had such a long day. I hope no one is a light sleeper around here b/c that party is really doesn't help that we all have to have our windows open b/c there is no a/ least it's pretty cool up here!!

Alright here are my pics for the day and I'm finally off to bed...whew!!

Old Faithful
(we couldn't have timed this better)

Elk in Yellowstone

The Falls at the Yellowstone Grand Canyon
(they were so awesome, we had to go again)

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Anonymous said...

I can't get over how beautiful everything is! I'm inspired to take a road trip and enjoy the wildlife!