Monday, June 25, 2007

A Day in Yellowstone

We just got to the hotel about an hour ago. I had to grab a quick shower b/c I was still covered in dirt from the day. I didn't bring any extra shoes to save packing space so I hiked the whole day in my flip flops! Needless to say I was a bit dirty.

I don't think I can sum up today in my post, there was just too much. I think Ryan calculated it to a 14 hour day. We got an early start and hit Yellowstone right away. Our first sighting was of a Bald Eagle that was sitting on top of a tree. It was pretty spectacular! We ended up seeing a ton of Bison, Elk, Moose and Deer as well. We had a couple of near misses with Bears too, but never did see one. It's pretty funny, you always know you're going to see something cool b/c the traffic gets insanely heavy and people just park wherever and get out of their cars to see whatever animal is putting on a show. It's quite the event! I had no idea how big Yellowstone is either. We spent literally the entire day there and only covered half the park! We are going to cover the other half on Tuesday which will include Old Faithful and hopefully some Bears!

The drive to Gillette, WY was gorgeous! We went through two National Forests (Shosone and Big Horn) and saw some spectacular scenery and mountains. The convertible was definitely the way to go, I feel like we've seen so much more by having the top down the whole time.

I took a ton of pictures so I will try and pick out some cool ones to post along with this blog. I'm so glad we got to bring the Digital SLR (thanks Dad!)...I maxed out a 1G compact flash card, I took that many pictures!

Sad thing, I lost my hat due to wind at some mineral springs today. I would've went after it but it went into this thermal area that if you walk on, could explode or was the hat Ryan bought me that I thought was dorky so he thought I did it on purpose....the hat was actually growing on me, so I was pretty bummed. I'm sure some Moose is enjoying it now though.

I think that's all for tonight, hopefully we get in earlier tomorrow night so I don't have to be so general, I'm looking forward to an exciting day at Devil's Tower!!
Emerald Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs
(where I lost my Hat)

Yellowstone Grand Canyon Upper Falls

Yellowstone Lake

Bald Eagle


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kevin stites said...

The bear obsession thing is just a bit frightening----both of you just need to go to a damn Zoo----OR stop by AB's house in Aspen (not a bad idea, Ryan----Verley and Mike would love to see you) and see the bears that visit them every summer. DRIVE CAREFUL, and don't forget to visit Cousin Eddie and the kids! Love,