Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Hazy Day at Rushmore

Today started off super cold...we even rode to the missile silo with the top up, for like the third time all trip. We arrived at the Delta-9 Minuteman 2 Missile Silo just in time to hear a park ranger give a presentation on the magnitude one of these missiles have if detonated. It was pretty mind blowing and it's a little crazy to think of how defenseless we really are if someone decides to attack. We drove to the visitor's site and got to see the DVD of what the launch facility looks like. Pretty weird stuff.

Our second stop was to the Badlands which was really cool. I had no idea of what they even were so I was pretty impressed with what I saw.

The final stop of the day was to Mt. Rushmore. This was pretty cool, I have always wanted to go here. I took a ton of pictures here as well. It was really cool to learn about how the monument was built and to walk the trail that took us right under the sculpture.

We drove back to Rapid City for a nice dinner at Firehouse Brewing Co and then it was back to Mt. Rushmore to watch the lighting ceremony. We got some good shots of that as well.

We have just learned that we might have left the power cord to the computer at the last hotel and won't know for sure if it's there until 8am tomorrow. Hopefully Ryan can get a post in and we'll get the cord back tomorrow..I hope... I'll post more pictures tomorrow when we have power for sure.

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Heather said...

Hey Miss Farley I got the hint from everybody else thats writing on here that its your birthday! So, Happy Birthday!! Well it sounds like your having fun so yeah i'll talk to you later!