Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Devils Tower and Two More States….

I am typing this blog in a Word document b/c our internet isn’t working right now. Ryan is going to drive over to the Days Inn after I’m done and piggy back on their wireless internet since ours seems to be inadequate.

Today was yet another good day. Our major event was a visit to Devils Tower. It was pretty awesome, as I’m sure you can imagine. Ryan had his music geek moment with selected pieces from Close Encounters which was kinda neat. The tower itself was huge and we took a 1.3mi hike around the base of the tower. I guess you can climb to the top, but from my limited experience fake wall climbing, I think that would be pretty much impossible.

The other event of the day was driving to North Dakota, just to say we’d been to ND, and can mark it off our states list. It was a pretty drive and we saw lots of livestock and some random antelope type things. Oh, and we also drove to the Geographical Center of the US…that was pretty random. We drove to the middle of nowhere to look at a red pole in the middle of a cow pasture. Ryan was adventurous and jumped the barbed wire fence to get some better pics.

We are staying the night in Wall, SD and the excitement is starting to catch up with both of us. We were looking forward to our first real meal of the day, only to find out Wall has NO food sources….other than Subway, which was closed, and the infamous Wall Drug. So..we ate at Wall Drug. It was a pretty good meal, but random. It just seems like there can be nothing else in Wall, other than that drug store.

It’s been another exciting day, just gotta get Ryan some internet and an ice machine and we’ll be all good. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep and another big day tomorrow, which will include: a Missile Silo, The Badlands, and possibly Mt. Rushmore. Feel free to leave comments (I hope you’re reading)….Ryan is kicking my butt in the comment department and likes to tell me about it all the time!! : )


Teresa said...

Here's a comment so you can keep up with Ryan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This will be a memorable one. We read your blog every day and I passed along the address to Teri so she can read at work. We were imagining you yesterday, driving along with the Close Encounters music on. It's not geeky. Sounds like something I would do while dad rolls his eyes (but secretly likes it). Keep having fun and hope you can have a good meal for your birthday. Love, Mom

Heather said...

Hey Miss Farley!!! well i hope your having fun! I miss you dearly down here in steelville! i hope your having a good time though! Travel Safely!

nancy polancich said...

Hi Ali - here's a comment for you so you don't have to listen to Ryan's bragging. Sounds like a fabulous time, except for the hiking in flip flops. And Ryan rolls his eyes at how geeky Ron is - the Close Encounters thing sounds strangely Ron-like. Be safe!

Erin said...

Hey Alie... I just checked my hotmail email and seen that you sent me something about this... so i decided to read it!!! Sounds like you guys are havng fun!!! Becareful!!!

Erin Ransom

JHF said...


Sounds like you're both having a great time. You're seeing places and things I've always wanted to see...except for the cow pies...I've seen plenty of those already. Take care.

kevin said...

Dinner on me in Chicago before or after Bernstein. YOU pick the place, NOT Ryan. I'm trying to picture the moment when you approached Devil's tower, with the music blowing-out all the speakers, and Ryan totally into it. I can't.


Adam said...

Happy Birthday!! Love, Adam

Teri and Byron said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Sounds like you guys are having a terrific time!! Loving the pics! This is the first thing I check out inthe morning. Have fun!